About Dr. Gretchen Seitz

About the Practice

Seitz Acupuncture – A Place for Healing®, is a family medicine practice, so patients who come are of all ages and all stages.


“We believe health care should be patient-centered with a focus on health promotion and lifestyle medicine. We support patients in their healing journey while they progress toward embracing a healthy lifestyle that is focused on living a full, conscious and meaningful life.”

About Dr. Seitz

Dr. Gretchen Seitz has been practicing traditional medicine approaches to health since 2002 and is passionate about the integration of traditional medicine therapies into mainstream medicine to provide patients with strategies that support addressing the root causes of a wide range of illness and injury and promoting health of the mind and body.

Dr. Seitz employs evidence based approaches such as: physical medicine, mind-body medicine, food as medicine and & herbal medicine to help establish a baseline for health maintenance and a sustainable patient-centered focus to healing.

Her 20+ years of clinical experience, her additional certification in integrative medicine as well as her deep background in the neuroscience of consciousness studies has rapidly expanded her practice and has created a unique and diverse skill set that allows her to reach many patients with a wide variety of health concerns. She focuses her time and energy into applying her skills in patient care every day while dedicating her career to advancing the profession into the mainstream.